Ev Bessar collections depict raw and textured imagery with a unique design aesthetic. Ev’s designs portray complexity in the form of creating fabric, cultivating modern innovating techniques, treatments, and manipulation.

Graduating from Parsons, Ev Bessar has been organizing and producing multiple Fashion Shows, Charity Showcases, Exhibitions, as well as Fashion Films and Editorials. Her collections were featured in publications worldwide including The New York Times, Elle, NY Post, Fashionista, Fashion Daily Mag among others.

The designer devoted her time solely on handcrafting entire collections from scratch. The signature combination of leather and yarn is portrayed in the staphle pieces of her collection. Ev believes that the monochrome mainly black palette enhances a wearer’s personality to shine through their eyes, focusing on their inner world and energy, while the outer perception is a source of imagination.

Her passion for the creative arts led Ev into exploring the world of Sculpture. Her dark vision is inspired by the exploration of the subconscious and the power it can have over people’s life choices. In her mixed media sculptures Ev Bessar combines the diversity, strength, and depth of instant emotions. She became a member of the San Diego Sculptors Guild and is actively participating in exhibitions, art fairs, and shows.