Bessar is a Russian-born designer who currently embraces her talents and philanthropy on New York City. The Ev Bessar collection is completely handcrafted in a space that she playfully calls “the dungeon”.

Ev devotes her time solely on handcrafting entire collections from scratch, and cultivating modern innovation techniques. The most prominent being her signature, the combination of leather and yarn portrayed in the staple pieces of her collection. The true masterpieces of the line incorporate a sense of unity in the wearer, turning an inner imagination into an outer source of power.

During her studies and mentorship at Parsons, she diverted towards her interests in nature and reality, which she expresses in her designs and numerous charity organizations both in the US and abroad. Ev Bessar is the founder of HeartED, a foundation targeted towards children with congenital heart defects. This being the sole reasoning behind her fashion line and overall talents, to continue bringing awareness of these causes through fashion and maintaining her profound charitable efforts.

Ev Bessar collections depict raw and textured imagery with the concept ‘freedom of transformation’. This comes in the form of an overall unisex line that translates beautifully through masculine and feminine ideations.

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